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Why should you focus on menopause in the workplace

  • Employers have a responsibility to create truly inclusive workplaces that challenge the taboos surrounding the subject.
  • The emotional and physical changes of the menopause can’t be underestimated. Nor can their effect on women’s jobs.
  • Women are coming into top leadership and management positions and at the same time experiencing symptoms like anxiety, insomnia and depression. 
  • Experienced workers are an asset to companies and retaining them helps retain skills and knowledge within the organization.
  • Creating an inclusive workplace for people of all ages will enable you to access their valuable skills and talent.

Whats your return on investment?

  • In Norway, figures from 2020 show that women between 45-54 are the highest number of recipients of work assessment allowance.
  • Savings on recruitment, training and turnover are crucial costs for businesses.
  • Retaining valuable knowledge, skills and experience of senior employees in the organization.
  • Wage earners with sick leave certified by a doctor show that sickness absence is highest among women aged 50–64 years.
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What do menopausal women want?

Implementation of supportive policies, increased awareness of menopause and the need for work cultures to facilitate open discussions are wanted.

A management that understands what is considered helpful and desired and to avoid ageism, and stigma over menopause. 

Studies have shown that acombination of exercise, consultations with a menopause specialist and work life coaching, did find improvements in mental empowerment and the capability to make positive changes.

“Women are reluctant to share their menopausal symptoms in the workplace for fear of being marginalized and seen as less competent”

Dunn, S. 2022.  The experience of workplace coaching for menopausal women: A descriptive phenomenological study

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How can I support your organization?

As a menopause at work consultant, here are the four main areas I can assist you with:

Employer/Manager Awareness: I provide insights on the lived experience of menopause and share experience on how the physical work environment might impact women transitioning into menopause.

Employer/Manager Communication Skills and Behaviors: I support you by delivering workshops on how to communicate effectively and supportively with women experiencing menopause.

Employer Actions: I propose best practices and concrete actions that are inclusive and supportive of women experiencing menopause.

Expert menopause 1:1 and group support: I offer 1:1 custom and group sessions for your menopausal women employees on how to make the best of this life transition. 

Let’s connect

Lets’ talk about how can we work together to foster a work culture of openness, change and transformation and make your valuable human resources thrive so that you can thrive in business