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I am Johanna

I’m a holistic women’s health educator, and founder. 

My background is in Public Health, and I’m also trained in Chemical. Engineering, and Pharmaceutical Sciences,  I am also a mother and I experienced a medicalised birth and I didn’t get the support I needed and I didn’t feel seen and heard through my postpartum period. That resulted in isolation, anxiety, and a longer recovery period. I discovered that traditional women’s health practices were taking a holistic approach, and looking at mental and psycho-emotional health and centering care in women’s needs. So, I’ve combined my background in science and knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry to create a women centered approach to health that is holistic and evidence based. I support women to know their anatomy, physiology and cycles through a life cycle approach so that they can understand their bodies better. I do this through workshops, community events, self-care retreats and 1:1 sessions.




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